Postdoctoral fellow / Research assistant / Ph.D. student at Dr. Ching-Lung Hsu's Lab, IBMS

October 4, 2021

Please see here for an introduction of the research direction in the lab. Using patch-clamp electrophysiology, pharmacology, chemogenetics/optogenetics, mouse behavior in virtual reality, virus-assisted circuit tracing, computational modeling, new two-photon imaging method, Dr. Ching-Lung Hsu's lab aims to understand how the complexity of single-neuron computations contributes to rapidly flexible neural code for spatial navigation, learning and memory.
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Postdoctoral fellow / Graduate student at Dr. Reggie Lee's Lab, LSU Health Sciences Center Shreveport

March 26, 2021

We are currently searching for a Postdoc to start in August 2021 Successful candidates will have a Ph D in a biomedical field, extensive experience with animals, excellent writing, management, and communication skills. Our lab’s mission focuses on investigating potential therapeutics against cerebral ischemia.
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