Degree examination

  • Application
    1. Submit the Application: Ph.D. candidates who pass the degree review examination must submit formal application for the degree examination. Please contact with TIGP-INS office to check the application timelines and the process of your enrolled university. Application form must be submitted to the university prior to exam date, and must be approved for the exam to be official.
    2. Arrange the exam: Student must plan the exam date and the list of the Degree Examination Committee. The Committee must consist of five to nine members recommended by the thesis advisor. Qualifications for the members of the committee will be determined as per University regulations.
    3. Complete the application :After the application is submitted, student need to send transcripts, thesis abstract, and proof of successful completion of the Qualifying Examination (from TIGP-INS office), and recommendation letter from the thesis advisors to TIGP-INS office. These documents will be sent out with your application form to the Office of Academic Affairs of the University.

    The detailed application process and requirement will be determined by the regulation of universities. If your application to graduate is not approved, then you must re-apply for the next semester.

  • Degree Examination
    1. After the application is approved, the examination must be held before the end of the semester.
    2. Thesis draft should be written in English and follow the requirement format the University. Thesis must be submitted to the Degree Examination Committee after being approved by the thesis advisor prior to the Degree Examination.
    3. The final examination score is the average of individual score given by the attending committee members, and a score of 70 out of 100 is considered “pass”. The detailed rules will be determined as per university regulations.
    4. Candidates who fail the thesis exam can apply for a re-examination (must be within the study time of PhD). Re-examination is limited to one opportunity only. Students who fail the re-examination will withdraw from the program.


    1. After receiving the positive result of the degree examination, students will be eligible to start the process to graduation.
    2. After you complete the thesis, you have to add the watermark and upload it in PDF file to the university library through the online system. You must submit the hard copy to TIGP-INS office and university (the detailed rules is depended on the university).