Degree Requirements

**Download the Academic Flow Chart**
  1. Satisfactory completion of an oral qualifying examination reviewed by committee.
  2. Students should submit a full thesis research proposal followed by an oral defense. In case of failure, the students are allowed for one re-examination in the following semester. See the Qualifying Examination for the detailed rules.

  3. Satisfactory completion of required courses and credit hours.
  4. At least 18 credits in formal courses including required courses and elective courses are required for students entering with a M.S. degree. Note that an additional 12 credits in formal courses is required for students who enter the program with a B.S. degree (total in 30 credits). Students holding only a B.S. degree require evaluation by the admission committee to advance into the Ph.D. program at the end of their first year of study.

  5. Satisfactory completion of two laboratory rotations of 2 months each.
  6. The two lab rotations should be finished by the end of the first academic year. After lab rotations, students should choose his/her thesis advisor/co-advisor and start full-time research. See the Thesis Advisor for the detailed rules.

  7. Annual progress report of the doctoral thesis.
  8. After successful completion of the qualifying examination, Ph.D. candidates should meet with their Thesis Advisory Committee every year to assess their thesis progress. See the Progress Report for the detailed rules.

  9. Satisfactory completion of the Degree Review Examination
  10. Students will submit a full thesis draft followed by an oral defense. In case of failure, the students are allowed one re-examination. See the Degree Review Examination for the detailed rules.

  11. Successful completion of the Degree Examination and a doctoral thesis.
  12. The evaluation will consist of an oral defense of the thesis by the candidate before a committee of the faculty.

  13. Time limits for Doctoral Degrees
  14. All work for a doctoral degree must be completed within 14 semesters (7 years) for whom holding a M.S. degree or 16 semesters (8 years) for whom holding a B.S. degree of full-time study from the time of original registration in the program.